Fields Defined

Form Fields Defined

  • Single Line Text

    Single line text field is used when you are needing a one word to one sentence answer.  When you edit this field you can choose to have a small, medium or large field box.  You would choose the size you need based upon the length of answer is required for the question.
  • Paragraph

    If you would like to collect several sentences of information from your form, use the paragraph field.  It is useful for comment sections on your form.
  • Multiple Choice

    This field is used if you would like to give multiple items to choose from, but the user can only select one item.
  • Checkboxes

    If you would like users to select more then one item chose the checkbox field.  To add/edit/delete choices click on the field in edit mode.
  • Dropdown

    If you would like a person to choose one option from a list of dropdown items use the dropdown field.  By default you have first choice, second choice and third choice.  Click on the field to add/edit/delete items in the dropdown menu.
  • Address

    This is another of one of the most commonly used parts of an online form.  This will collect information for street address, address line 2, city, state, zip and country.
  • Website

    If you would like to collect the website address of someone you can put this field in.
  • Section Break

    The section break will allow you to title and give more detailed instructions before the next field.  This is useful if you were to break your form in the different sections.  This is also helpful if certain areas of the form need to be explained a little better.
  • Number

    If you would like anyone to add a number to your form choose the number field.
  • Name

    Using this field will allow people to put in there title, first name, last name and suffix.
  • Date

    There are two formats to use for the date field.  You can have it display the fields for mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy.
  • Time

    If a person needs to fill out the time they are sending a form in this would be the field to use.  This would also allow a person to say what time they are available for a certain activity. 
  • Phone

    A user will need to put in their 10-digit phone number when this is on your form.  If you need international numbers, edit the format of the field and choose international.  This will leave you with a longer text box for numbers.
  • Price

    If you are using this form as a donation form or a pledge form, using the price field will come in handy.  This field allows people to put in an amount for dollars and cents.
  • Email

    What online form does not have an email field.  This is useful if you need to get in touch with someone in ways other then telephone and mail.
  • File Upload

    The file upload field will allow people to upload a file to you that is necessary to complete the information needed from the form..  This would be useful if you need pictures uploaded from a form, or maybe this form is for a job postin and you need someone to upload their resume.  As you use Icebrrg more you might find more and more uses for this field.
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